Special (Part 1)

Special Cover

Being a part of something special makes you special. (Also, having superpowers.)

Glee and Marvel

254,768 words
Multiple couples

When the end to the school year turns up a crop of superpowers in New Directions, they find themselves as sudden heroes. At first, the biggest challenges appear to be finding villains to defeat in the quiet state of Ohio while keeping everyone not in a mask ignorant of their superpowered identities. Soon, though, they discover that they are involved in something much bigger than show choir Nationals. When death and destruction come calling for them all, it’ll be a good day if the collateral damage is limited to New York City being wiped off the map.

Written and set after season 2 of Glee, this (obviously) diverges sharply from there and watches canon recede into the rear-view mirror. The canon couples at that time are maintained here, though not all stay together by the end. As this is a comic book ‘verse, expect superpowered violence and that old standby of character death. Rated R.




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